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In 2021, Lancaster earned a spot on U.S. News & World Report’s ‘Best Places to Live’ list and it’s no secret why! Lancaster has a hub of culture, diversity, and community that attracts people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Lancaster City boasts a variety of unique experiences for tourists and residents alike who desire to celebrate beauty and enjoy diversity. Locally owned shops populate the city streets, making it convenient for those who desire to support small businesses to do so.

Those who enjoy culture and art never need to be bored in Lancaster City. A short walk or drive away from Landis Place on King are several art galleries, including Lancaster Museum of Art, Freiman Stoltzfus Gallery, and Red Raven Art Company. In fact, the first and second blocks of N. Prince Street in the city are known as Gallery Row, as they are the hub of Lancaster art’s scene. Thanks for the world-class galleries and a wide array of represented artists, Lancaster City should truly be high on any art lover’s travel list.

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Similarly to art, the city is also rife with gorgeous architecture, shaped by over two centuries of history. The walkability of the city is a benefit, especially because walking is one of the best ways to enjoy the architecture and be immersed in the vibrant and diverse community.


Lancaster City’s architecture is representative of several eras, from the 1700s to the recent modernized designs we’re accustomed to seeing today. The city’s website describes the predominant style to be 19th century Victorian era row houses, which do in fact populate many of the city’s more residential streets. According to the same website, the eleven most common architectural styles represented in the city are German or Colonial Style (1710-1770), Georgian Style (1730-1790), Federal Style (1790-1835), Classic Revival Style (1840-1860), Italianate Style (1850-1895), Second Empire Style (1860-1895), Queen Anne Style (1876-1910), Romanesque Revival Style (1860-1900), Beaux Arts Style (1880-1930), Colonial Revival Style (1880-1955), and Art Deco Style (1925-1945).

History and architectural enthusiasts alike could easily entertain themselves for days enjoying all that the city has to offer.

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For those with a more diverse palate, restaurants offering a host of ethnic foods populate the city. Foodies have countless options if they’d like to branch out and sample fare that is Moroccan, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern, Thai, Nepalese, Indian, Ethiopian, and many, many more!


Landis Place on King is located in the heart of the city, and it is only a couple of blocks away from several of the most popular attractions. If you’d like to experience all that the city has to offer, contact Landis Place on King today and schedule a tour.

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