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Aging in place is at the heart of the mission of Landis Place on King. Older adults should be able to grow older in the comfort and familiarity of their own home and surrounded by a flourishing community.

In order to age in place successfully, there are several actions that those 55+ can take to maximize their safety, well-being, and holistic health so that they can stay where they love, with those they love. Here are five ways to age in place successfully!

1. Evaluate your living situation. Apartments at Landis Place on King are well-suited to aging in place, as they are all on one level and have wide doorways and halls to accommodate potential walker or wheelchair use. But it’s important to consider your individual needs. Consider no-slip mats in bathrooms, eliminating trip hazards such as unsecured rugs or cords, or utilizing motion lights and other automations.

2. Establish your community. The support of your loved ones is vital to aging successfully in place. Share your plans with trusted friends and family members, be receptive to their advice or concerns, and invite them into the process of achieving your goals.


3. Prioritize your health. Eating a well-balanced diet, exercising regularly, and minimizing stress can help prevent injuries that may otherwise interfere with your desire to age in place.


4. Accept help when needed. It’s okay to admit you need a hand and for those that live at Landis Place on King, those helping hands are always available through Landis Quality Living and Landis at Home. Landis at Home is a great resource for residents which provides home services such as light cleaning, meal prep, medication reminders, running errands, and assistance with transportation.

5. Acquaint yourself with technology. Perhaps you’ve never seen much need for technology or it’s never interested you. But it can be a tremendous help when it comes to monitoring your health and staying connected. Wearable devices can help you monitor conditions that may otherwise interfere with your ability to age in place, such as your blood pressure, heart rate, or blood oxygen levels. Some devices also have the capacity to contact EMS if you experience a fall. If you’re prone to forgetfulness, you can use your phone to set reminders when it’s time to take medication.


For many older adults, aging in place is not only doable, but enjoyable, especially when they’ve made a plan for future care, have assessed the current safety of their home, and have the support of friends and family members.


Landis Place on King is the perfect place to begin the next season of life. Visit the website to see 3D floorplans of the apartments or, better yet, call today to schedule a tour and see for yourself what makes Landis Place on King so special.

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