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Moving to a new home can bring a great deal of excitement but it can also leave you feeling a little displaced. Your new setting and surrounding can be feel unfamiliar and unfriendly, and you may begin to wonder – “How can I truly begin to feel at home again?”

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Here are four ways to adjust to your new environment and to start building community at Landis Place on King!


1. Practice hospitality. It can be intimidating to invite strangers into your home but one of the best ways to meet all of your neighbors can be to host a dinner party or a game night! This doesn’t mean hours of preparation or hundreds of dollars – even a simple evening together can begin to forge new and lasting friendships.

2. Accept invitations. You may be busy unpacking and organizing your home, so it may not seem feasible to accept invitations to social events until you feel more settled, but it can be a game-changer to attend those events anyway! You’ll meet your neighbors, get a fun break from unpacking, and begin to feel more involved in your new community.

3. Make your space familiar. When adjusting to your new setting, it’s important to prioritize ways to feel at home. Unpack your favorite clothes, cookware, and books first. Display your favorite keepsakes in prominence. Do what you can to make your new home feel as familiar as possible.

4. Accentuate your home with cozy comforts. The comforts of home will help you – and your new friends – feel at home! Keep your space tidy and clean, as this will help you feel more at peace. Adorn your rooms with whatever makes you happy, whether that is blankets, candles, plants, or artwork on the walls.

Landis Place on King is a place of thriving community! Being surrounded by friends and feeling truly at home in your new space are essential to flourishing in your new season of life.

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