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As you age, it can be natural to contemplate whether or not you should stay in your beloved home. Perhaps it’s a family home, one you raised your children in and it stands as a testament to thousands of happy memories, but it’s just too much for you to manage. Perhaps your kids or your spouse are encouraging you to downsize.

Whatever your situation may be, moving may seem like a significant change, but here are six signs that it may be time to make a move anyway…literally!

1. Wheelchair or walker usage. As older adults age, it’s common to need some assistance when it comes to movement. If a walker or a wheelchair is a new addition to your life and you’re finding your hallways and doorways too narrow, it may be time to move to a more open – and safer – location.

2. Decreased Mobility. If you’re having trouble navigating stairs in your current home, it’s time to consider an alternative. Downsizing to a one-level house can provide you with more freedom and more peace of mind.

3. Too much home maintenance.Maybe the yard you used to love has become daunting to care for or impending snowstorms are a source of anxiety because you dread going out to shovel your long driveway. If home maintenance has become overwhelming, it’s time to make a change! Less maintenance means more time to do what you love!

4. Too much empty space. Do you have rooms that are no longer in use? Perhaps those rooms have become extra storage places, but in reality, they’re only collecting dust. That’s a sure sign you have more room than you need and it’s time to consider a smaller space.

5. Financial strain. Your monthly housing expenses shouldn’t exceed 30% of your income so if your home is putting undue strain on your budget, it’s time to find a more affordable living option. Downsizing can save you money each month and allow those funds to be allocated to other expenses or better yet, to doing things you enjoy!

6. You want more freedom. Less space for more freedom? It may sound counterintuitive but if you’d like to travel more or if your loved ones live far away and you’re dreaming of extended vacations to spend time with them, having a smaller home means less to manage, less expenses associated with upkeep, and fewer worries!

Downsizing can be the start of an exciting new season of your life! Landis Place on King provides manageable and affordable housing in a vibrant location – the heart of Lancaster City! If you’re interested in learning more about Landis Place on King and all that it has to offer, contact us today to schedule a tour. It’s never too early to plan for the future and begin your downsizing adventure.

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